What is a boundary survey?
    A boundary survey locates, maps, and describes land ownership boundaries, corners, property features, and improvements.

Why is a boundary survey important?
    Land and its improvements are major financial investments; therefore, all land ownership boundaries should be located, monumented, mapped, and described by a careful survey and filed in the public records in order to assist in protecting your investment.

    A professional Land Surveyor is the best qualified person to check land title descriptions through actual land surveys and to write land title descriptions. Attorneys, title insurance companies, realtors, brokers, bankers, engineers, and architects know that property title descriptions written by a professional land surveyor based on an actual survey, provide confidence as to the land boundaries. A survey provides the information necessary to prepare a legal description.

How much will a survey cost?
    Every parcel or tract of property is different and so is the case with a survey. Property in Mississippi can be described in the legal descriptions several different ways. At the beginning of a project a surveyor will review and analyze deeds and other important documentation that is relevant to the particular scope of work. In some cases depending on how the property is described depends on how much work and time the surveyor has to perform to complete the project. During this review period he will prepare for the trip to the field. Once the field work has commenced, it can sometimes take many hours and even several more trips to the field to complete the work. This is dependent upon the availability of property corner markers and other types of evidence. After completion of the field work, the surveyor then has office time to analyze survey data, make computations, and finalize and prepare survey plats and other documentation relevant to the project. A survey is not all field work. There is lots of planning and preparation that goes into surveying services and in some situations there can be more office work than field work. All of these things are considered when preparing proposals for professional services.

Additional factors affecting price include:
- Type of survey, Personnel, and equipment required
- Amount of deed and record research required
- The type and clarity of property descriptions
- The size and shape of area to be surveyed
- The terrain, amount of vegetation, buildings, fences, season of the year, etc.
- Accessibility to the property

When should property be surveyed?
  • When property is sold, purchased, or mortgaged
  • When a parcel is divided or developed
  • When property improvements are planned or are to be developed
  • When government regulations require a survey or map of the property
  • When the location of property boundaries are uncertain
  • When trespass or encroachment are evident or suspected
  • Before building fences or other improvements along property lines
  • Before timber is to be harvested when boundaries are uncertain

What is an ALTA/ACSM Land Title Survey?
    A very detailed and high precision survey required by the American Land Title Association for property that requires title insurance. This type of survey is generally conducted for clients that purchase property in Urban Business District areas that require title insurance.

What can I expect my surveyor to do for me?
  • The legal description of your property along with adjacent property deeds and any other related documents, plats, or maps will be evaluated and a careful survey made to locate, measure, and monument the property boundaries and corners so they will be easily identified.
  • A record of documentation, survey measurements, notes, and computations will be made, a survey plat or map prepared along with survey descriptions if applicable, and copies provided as may be required. Eaton Surveying & Mapping will also provide a compact disc with all of the survey documentation and plats in a digital format for safe keeping. If needed, we will also provide working drawings of the property in a dwg format to you, your architect, or construction professional.
  • The boundary survey will be completed in compliance with the applicable state, county, and local government laws, codes and regulations.
  • Every survey will be conducted under the direct supervision of a licensed professional surveyor.
  • The client will be informed of the discovery of any problems in property description, boundary location, trespass, encroachment, or other related problems if any.

What will the surveyor need from me?
  • A copy of the legal description (deed), abstract of title, or title insurance commitment, and maps or plats or any other related information that is available.
  • Contact Information Including: Name, address,E-mail, and phone number where the client can be reached.
  • If necessary, meet the land surveyor on site for inspection and consultation.
Things to think about!
  • Consult with your surveyor at the earliest convenience; in some situations a survey may take several weeks to complete.
  • It is important to hire a surveyor based on qualifications for the assurance of a careful survey.
  • It is a violation of State Law to offer to practice or to practice or provide land surveying services in Mississippi or Alabama without a License. Only a Professional Land Surveyor (Registered and Licensed in the State of Mississippi or the State of Alabama) may legally provide land surveying services. Contact the MS Board of Licensure for Professional Engineers and Land Surveyors or the Alabama State Board of Licensure for Professional Engineers and Land Surveyors for a list of Licensed Surveyors.
  • A boundary survey is a good investment.
  • Professional land surveying and mapping services will involve less time, concern, and expense than moving a building or other improvements, revising development plans or defending a land boundary dispute in a court of law.
  • To prevent or deter such litigation, undue costs, or inconvenience, retain the services of a licensed professional surveyor prior to any land investment or development.
  • Please remember that your property corners are also your neighbor's property corners. Destroyed corner monuments can incur additional cost for having to reestablish corner monuments.

"thou shalt not remove thy neighbor's landmark, which they of old time have set" Deuteronomy 19:14

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